Song: Taboo

Now when Margaret Mead discovered Polynesia
in 1492
she discovered certain rigid prohibitions
called in Polynesian "taboo"

   Some things are taboo
   What shouldn't you do?
   You doodn't taboo

Now look at this man over here
He drank from my beer
He is unclean and profane
He is criminally insane

	He dood a taboo
	He dood a taboo
	Now what did he do?
	He dood a taboo
	(kill him)
Then there's that one over there
with the butch-style hair
she is unclean and profane
she is clinically insane

	She dood a taboo
	She dood a taboo
	Now what did she do?
	She dood a taboo]
	(lock her up)
Then there's all them others
on the far side of the hill
They are unclean and profane
they are politically insane

	They dood a taboo
	They dood a taboo
	Now what did they do?
	They dood a taboo
	(Nuke 'em)


SPOKEN: So now at last the world is finally rid
of all those filthy perverts who drank from cups
touched by menstruating women
and trespassed in the priestly sanctuaries.
And what shall this new age do?

	Let's do a taboo
	Let's do a taboo
	Let's be unclean and profane
	Let's be cynically insane
	Let's do a taboo
	There's just me and you
	We'll try something new
	We'll do a taboo.