Song: So Now We're Just Friends

So now we're just friends
I been here before
occasional lunches
then an occasional call
It's like talking to each other
from two sides of a wall
(Hey over there)

    I love you
	I love to be in your presence
	I love you
	I love you
	I wish you loved me
Maybe twenty years later
our romance will work
Maybe I'm lucky
I didn't get hurt worse
Maybe our whole damn society
will vanish from earth
(I just don't care)

	I love you...
Excuse my passion
my Dostoyevskian gloom
I don't mean to embarass you
No pressure, no blame
But at the risk of being being tiresome
I'll say it again
(Just one last time)

	I love you...
I'll act like a grown-up
you won't have to leave
I can see all the ironies
in this martyrdom scene
After all I'm the expert
at holding things in
(Except for this)

    I love you...
Don't try to come on to me
I know all about that
It's a different kind of coldness
this song is about
It's like sitting in a bathtub
after the water's run out
(Please understand)

   I love you...
I'm so glad you could visit
and that you liked the song
Yes, I need someone to sing it
and it's a little too long
Well drive home carefully
and I'll see you around

   I love you...