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Consider this Bob Moore's REWIND — an old man's look backwards at a lifetime of creative work. Motivating personal circumstances include (1) retirement, (2) need to clean out an old (and expensive) storage unit filled with boxes of papers and disks, and (3) various feelings — let's be European and call them angst — appropriate for a man of my age and position.

5/27/2015 A new category on zer0sum is Ten Thousand Steps, a journal of my walking about with a goal of ten-thousands steps.

8/9/2014 I start out with five general categories:
PredictoFree4AllPoetryThe Long RunCull
Exploring my old market forecasting program, Predicto Continuation of previous website, with re-creations/reworking of images from the Public Domain Various Poems and Songs The Long Run, a series of science fiction stories I once wrote A look back. Evaluating subjects I set aside 20 years ago for further study; also, looking at photographs I took long ago.

Created: August 9, 2014